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Great Ideas for Offsite and

Outdoor Experiential Learning

Read Harvard Business Review's research on the effectiveness of Adventure Experiential Activities for Leadership Development: 

Learning is enriched and made more fun through a selection of outdoor experiential learning opportunities that are professionally designed and conducted by expert facilitators with deep understanding and personal experience operating in difficult, competitive and challenging environments.


Choose from an array of programmes conducted locally in Singapore, or overseas in a range of exciting venues*, all carefully and safely tailored to suit the profile of participants and achieve the intended learning outcomes.  


Activities are scalable in intensity, from simple trekking and outdoor camping, to fun skills like abseiling; kayaking; snow-boarding – with the view to learning about yourself and your team in an experiential way.

*Current selections include Singapore off-shore islands, Perth & Melbourne - Australia, Bhutan, Brunei, Chengdu - China, Hong Kong, Himalayas - India, Hokkaido - Japan, Kazakhstan, Soraksan National Park - Korea, Mount Ophir & Sabah - Malaysia, Nepal, Taiwan, Thailand and Dalat - Vietnam. 

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