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Leading Organisations:

We engage people and organisations to transform themselves, create new possibilities, and shape their desired shared future.

Pinnacle Leadership

Breaking through to the senior echelon

"Nearly everyone can stand adversity. But if you want to test a person's character, give him power." - Abraham Lincoln

You are at the cusp of a senior leadership role. The attributes that got you this far may not be all that you need as you take that big leap to a strategic level of leadership in a disruptive world. What must you rediscover and relearn about yourself? Discover the behavioural traits that define great leaders, and learn about the common pitfalls that you would want to avoid. Leading at the pinnacle is as much about creating a shared vision, alignment and commitment in your organisation; as it is about breaking through your own physical, psychological and emotional barriers to achieve your measure of success.


Organisational Change Leadership

Building Organisations that Last

"The strength of the culture, and not its size or resources, determines an organisation's ability to adapt to the times, overcome adversity and pioneer new innovations." - Simon Sinek 

Is your organisation and structure fit for today, and ready for the future? Are your systems and processes yielding optimal results? Does your work culture promote the kind of collaboration that is vital in an inter-disciplinary, cross-boundary and multi-generational workplace? For organisations to grow and last, its people need to be able to continually learn, re-learn and also un-learn - in a new digital age. Join our senior executive programme to explore with industry peers how, in moving forward, you need to break new ground - thinking again, across and ahead – to leave a lasting legacy and create greater value in your organisation. 

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