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Managing Director & Co-Founder

Ang Yau Choon

In 1999, Ang Yau Choon was a member of the first Singapore expedition to ski to the South Pole in Antarctica, successfully reaching it at the turn of the millennium. In 2007, he went on to summit Mount Everest, proudly planting the Singapore flag on the highest mountain peak in the world.  Yau Choon also led the Singapore Armed Force’s elite unit for special operations. He brings hands-on leadership competencies and a daring-do spirit to aspiring leaders. He has first-hand experience in leading and building effective teams to thrive in extreme conditions and a highly competitive environment - where failure is not an option. 


His own development and conviction in Organisational Learning was put to effective practice in the training institutes and operational commands that he led - where he promoted a culture of continual learning and open communication, and instilled in his team the confidence and discipline to drive for mission success of the highest order.


A graduate of the National Institute of Education Advanced Course in Learning Science, SAF Leadership & Organisation Development Programme, US Navy SEAL, US Marine Corps University, and the Royal Thai National Defence College, Yau Choon has in-depth appreciation for the team dynamics required in cross-cultural organisations and multi-agency operations.

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